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Our rates

Please note: The rates are the same for corporate shoots and wedding/proposal shoots.  Just the deliverables are different.

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  • Filming up to 2 hours

    2 hr

    650 Australian dollars
  • Filming up to 4 hours

    4 hr

    1,200 Australian dollars
  • Filming up to 6 hours

    6 hr

    1,680 Australian dollars
  • Filming up to 8 hours

    8 hr

    2,080 Australian dollars
  • Filming up to 10 hours

    10 hr

    2,400 Australian dollars
  • Live streaming up to 2 hours

    2 hr

    300 Australian dollars
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The following extras can be added to your shoot

From $200

Drone footage

Drone footage is available depending on the location, time of day and weather.

From $100

Teeth whitening per 30 seconds

We can do teeth whitening for you.  This is great for our corporate branding videos.


Deliver footage on a hard drive

All footage can be copied to a hard drive and delivered.  We use special software that verifies all files to make sure the files will work.  We also verify the files manually after a copy has been done.

From $500

Proposal setup

We can create a beautiful area for your marriage proposal in a location that works for you.  We have hundreds of battery-powered candles, silks, flowers and more.

From $100

Live streaming

We can live stream your event with up to 3 cameras to YouTube or Facebook


From $200

Photos from videos

We usually film in 6k and we have the ability to screenshot high detailed photos from our videos.  If you include this option you will be able to choose 20 photos from hours of video.


From $20

Guest messages

We can setup an area where guests can record messages for you.  This will be an extra video that we will deliver.


Please get in touch for any additional questions about pricing and packages.

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